TNPSC Group 4 VAO General English Free Model Test - 003

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TNPSC Group 4 VAO General English Free Model Test - 003

TNPSC Group 4 VAO General English Free Model Test - 003

I told them. I‟m not going to be a DJ. Here DJ refers to:

Match the poems A with the poets B.

Nine Gold MedalsElizabeth Barrett Browning
Prayer of a sportsmanRabindranath Tagore
Where the mind is without fearBerton Braley
Out in the fields with GodDavid Roth

The Earth revolves around the Sun. Find the tense form of the above sentence.

Fill in the blank with the suitable infinitive: These glasses will enable you ------------- in the dark.

Match the antonyms:

A) wild1) storm
B) slim2) stout
C) vigorous3) cultivated
D) breeze4) weak

The U.S. Military secured the air space, but recovery was led by the arts and by music, in particular, that very night” This extract is taken from the lesson ——

Identify the character who is not portrayed in “The Merchant of Venice”

The tightest comer I was ever in was at Christie’s.” In the above line from the short story “Tight Corners” who was struck in the tightest corner?

Cull out the word formed by combining adjective and verb from the following options.

In the poem “Team Work”, the author expresses

The amount paid by Jack and Jill to own a private house is

Which sentence cannot be changed into passive voice?

Identify the words which blend to form the word „Slang‟ and choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

Who wrote the following motivational poem, “you can‟t be that, No, you can‟t be that”?

The Tribals inhabited in Udhagamandalam

When the comet takes rest?

Match the following sentences in Column A with the patterns in Column B and select the correct answer from the codes given:

a)We call Gandhi "MahatmaSVCA
b)Velu grew tired after the matchSVIODO
c)We wear woolen clothes in winterSVOC
d)Kumar gave me the right answerSVOA

Which one of the following is a correct sentence?

The Third intelligent’ was the story written by

Select the correct option to complete the sentence: Jane left Bangalore after her studies. She found it difficult to get a job. jane would have found a new job-----------------

Fill in the blank : The Sharma couple _____ their pets.

The author and her brother were invited by Ambazhathel family for

Words that are derived or formed from the base word by adding prefixes and suffixes are called _______.

Who is the author of the poem ‘Leisure’?

Match the following: Quote /Line - Author/ Character

"I was born a farmer"1. Kamala Surayya
"Nations are built by the imagination and Untiring enthusiastic efforts of generations"2. Kesavan Nair
"You cannot believe darling, can you that I lived in such House"3. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
"Into that heaven of freedom, My father Let my country awake"4. Rabindranath Tagore

Find out the Synonyms. Rattle off

She looked around and admired the Moonscape” Who looked around moonscape and admired?

Read the passage and choose the option that indicates the idea contained in the passage: For the sake of enjoying literature it is not necessary for us to be indifferent towards many other affairs of social life.

Marry Kom spoke to whom about her financial problem?

Name the poem in which the following lines appear: No nightingale did ever chaunt More welcome notes to weary bands..

. Identify the sentence with the correct question tag:

Fill in the blanks with the suitable preposition: He worked -------------- sunrise to sunset.

Little Sarah is a

Days needed to harvest the rice

Olivier Messiaen composed the

Identify the right meaning of the idiom. His partner threw cold water on his scheme.

Match the synonym in Column A with the relevant meaning in Column B
Column A
Column B
(a) Futile L A formal religious function
(b) Perils 2. Useless
(c) Lapsed into 3. Dangers
(d) Ceremony 4. Passed gradually

Find the suitable word to form a compound word. Mantle

In the short story, “That Sunday morning” the frightened cow charged

A blessing rests on the house where the shadow of a tree falls” Identify the character /speaker of the above line

Identify the option that contains the answer to the following statement ____________ was an ancient Indian astronomer, who explained scientifically that the earth rotates on its own axis.

“How beautiful you are , Earth and how sublime‟ How perfect your obedience to the light and how – noble is your submission to the sun” What is the figure of speech used in the above lines?

Dendrochronology used to find

. Century is a

Find out the odd one: I. criticism II. Racism III.Atheism IV. Egoism

“I feel more and more strongly that our marriage would be a mistake. Not that I do not love you. I love you as much as it is possible for me to love any woman, but, truth to tell, I have come to the conclusion that I am not a marrying man,” The above sentence were written in a letter of

Who said that, “It rains, because there are some good people in that place, but it benefits every one who lives there”

. “They say he cheats at cards.” In the above line from the poem Macavity-The mystery cat who cheat at cards?

Identify the simple sentence:

. A phrasal verb is a verb that is made up of a main verb together with an

Select the correct option to complete the sentence: Gandhiji is the only person who stood.

Find out the wrongly punctuated sentence.

Empoli is a town in central __________”

In the short story, “Owlie” who picked up owlet from the carton.

Pick out the statement which is wrong about mahatma Gandhi.

Pick out British word for American word ‘Kerosene‘

Which year Aringar Annadurai was conferred by Annamalai University?

Give the suitable order of articles in the blanks of the given passage and choose the correct code given below. Ramu jad applied for------------- post of------------- cashier in -----------bank.In-------- interview he answered some questions well.

. “How handsome are your gauzy wings, How brilliant are your eyes!” Find the figure of speech of the above lines.

Name the celebrity who is interested in ornithology.

Find out the odd sentence from the following.

Select the correct tense: The delegates ------------------ in the Hotel Trident.

a) yore -1) thick in structure
b) mused -2) eager to learn more
c) curious -3) long ago
d) stout -4) thought over

I‟m not going to be a scientist Or some one who reads the news on TV No, a million birds will fly through me. I‟m going to be a tree‟ What does the poet want to become when he/she grows up? Choose the best option from the following :

___________ occupies more than a hundred square kilometres on the moon.

Find out the work of Annie Louisa Walker from the following

Select the correct answer to complete the sentence from options given below: That Rani Lakshmibai travelled 24 hours at a stretch with her child on her back, speaks of ___________

In the story 'The Singing Lesson' who is bubbling over with gleeful excitement that comes from running to school on a fine autumn?

Identify the sentence. You must either pay the bill at once or return the goods.

Red peppers have

Will no one tell me what she sings? Perhaps the plaintive numbers flow ….. “She” refers to

At which summit in New Delhi the international delegates from about 75 countries were astonished and astounded at Vishalini’s keynote address on ‘Cloud Computing in Google Apps for Education’?

The only people who were pleased to stay in the selfish Giant‟s garden were-----------

Who is also known as William John Francis Naughton?

How many years ago spice was traded along with perfumes and textiles?

A. Tennis 1. Helmet
B. Archery 2. Club
C. Golf 3. Racquets
D. Foot Ball 4. Bow and Arrow

Count your blessings, not your troubles‟ – Here the writer‟s emphasis is on __________.

After looking the Dentist’s reaction everyone left the waiting room except

There is no power m the tongue of man to alter me. I stay here on my bond”. Which character in the play, “Merchant of Venice” utters these words?

. Identify the poetic line that differs in figure of speech from the other poetic lines:

Whose deep-rooted desire is to win world cup one day?

Find out the correct plural form for the underlined word. The hunter saw some ten bison near the pond.

Name the poet who was born to the Quaker family on the fringes of London?

Which is the second most popular sport in the world?

Identify the gerund form from the options given below:

Which of the following lines does not occur in William Shakespeare‟s works?

What is bougainvillea?

Fill in the blanks choosing the correct option : The animal that is not mentioned in the story ‘How The Camel Got Its Hump’ is

On which Sunday the author and her brother decided to do a little exploring on their bikes?

Mountain climbing is a common sport in

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of voice: Voter ID cards -------------- last year.

”Vanity fair” is one of the finest novel of

What felt from the lifeless fingers of the grandmother?

Choose the correct order of the prepositions from the options given to fill in the blanks of the following passage. --------------- first, We sat ------------ the shade ---------- a tree, but later we went ------------ a swim ----the river.

Find out the word that has got a wrong prefix.

” But I have promises to keep” The above line symbolises

Read the following lines and answer the questions: “I wanted to be Shakespeare. But was poor at writing plays. I wanted to be Jane Austein. But didn‟t know to spin stories”. Who is Jane Austein?

Who is the main antagonist of the jungle book?

Choose the work which is not written by Pearl S Buck.

The barren boughs without the leaves. The season mentioned here is

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