TNPSC Group 4 VAO General English Free Model Test - 002

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TNPSC Group 4 VAO General English Free Model Test - 002

Match the following:
a) Absolute - Union.
b) Segregation - Subjugation.
c) Universal - Peculiar.
d) Uniformity - Disorder
e) ----- -Approximate.

Select the incorrect sentence from the following:

Which of the following is a poem?

The fear of heights is known as ---------------

Read the passage and answer the question that follows:
In building up a strong, free and democratic India, openmindedness and constructive approach
are required so that she could make a speedy progress crossing the hurdles of communalism,
Separation and untouchability. The passage points out that:

Identify the superlative degree:

Select the correct sentence:

Annie Louisa walker is a well-known ____________ poet.

Introverts make better leaders because they are __________

Which of the following sentences are in active voice?
They sing songs in the assembly.
A notice was sent by the manager.
You gave him your pen.
He has built a house in his native place.

“The globe’s my world. The cloud’s my kin” – Whom does ‘my’ refer to?

Why was Antonio unable to pay his debt?

Who among the following was named Manikarnika?

Match the correct suffix with the root words
(a) popular 1. let
(b) sensible 2. ling
(c) book 3. ity
(d) duck 4. ise

Shakespeare’s one among well known comedy is——,

Which of the following lines belongs to “Robert Frost”?

Who speaks the following lines in shakespeare‟s “The Merchant of Venice”
The quality of mercy is not strained
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath”

Which of the following poem is written by an Indian poet?

The value of ________ Euro is determined according to the conversion rate fixed by eleven European countries in terms of their own currencies.

In the play The Never-Never Nest who visited the lounge of Jack and Jill?

Name the poet who spend his first forty years of life as an unknown entity

Which is the first state in India to use chillies in their cooking?

Everyone wanted to go. In the above sentence to go is

Match the following words given in Column A with their meanings in Column B.
Column A Column B.
a) Take away Retract.
b) Take against Remove.
c) Take after Dislike.
d) Take back Resemble. Make smaller.

Man‟s little Day in haste we spend…………” Man‟s little Day in this refers to _______________

“All by himself and gathering brambles” What is the meaning of Brambles?

Who is the inspiration for Mary Kom?

Fill in the blank with a suitable homophone.
I am -------------- with the new policies.

Tommy and Margie found very funny to read real book, because

Choose the correct word to complete the following sentences.
Dinesh __________ be the richest person in the village. He’s just bought two luxury cars.

Which of the following is not true?

Match the following words given in Column A with their antonyms in Column B and select the correct answer from the codes given below:
Column A Column B
a) Nightmarish calm
b) Irate announce
c) Unherald aroma
d) Stench pleasing

There lives a sage in days of yore
And he a handsome pigtail wore
But wondered much and sorrowed more
Because it hung behind him.
Find the rhyme scheme

Identify the character who is not found in ‘The Last Leaf.

In the dream the pet dog told to sprinkle _______ on withered trees.

Identify the tense form of the verb underlined:
They have been building the bridge for several months.

Read the following lines and answer the questions :
“I wanted to be Shakespeare
But was poor at writing plays
I wanted to be Jane Austen
But didn’t know to spin stories”
Who is Jane Austen?

Who warns the wolves about the arrival of Shere Khan, the tiger in The Jungle Book?

“Here „tis, most reverend Doctor, here it is”.
Who is the speaker and who is the listencer?

“She smiled but never shooed them away” The grandmother never shooed the

Match the British English Words in Column A with the American English Words in Column B
Column A-BE Column B-AE
(a) Fellow 1. Pitcher
(b) Interval 2. Guy
(c) Jug 3. Intermission
(d) Shop assistant 4. Trunk
(e) Boot 5. Sales clerk

Identify the odd sentence out.

How many Bear sleeping dens are there in New York Zoological Park?

Select the correct plural form for the given word:

The season not mentioned in the poem,”Indain season” is

Behold her, single in the field,
Yon solitary Highland Lass!
The underlined word in the above lines of “The solitary Reaper” refers to

Choose the correct synonyms of the underlined word in this sentence
Every one has an indispensable role to play.

“It’s an appointment made twenty years ago.”
In the above line an appointment was made by

Choose the correct sequence of words from the options given below:
While __________ to the actors, the Director said, “you realize that ________ is not easy. You need ________ according to the situation ______ the nature of the character”.
1.To reveal 2. To act 3. Acting 4. Speaking

The subject neglected by Srinivasa Ramanujan is

Replace the italicized word/words with past progressive tense from the options given below.
She absented herself from the school frequently.

Select the suitable pair: 1)river: flow 2)mountain: ........

Find the sentence from options given, which is in proper Reported Speech form

Who sent 120 ships a year from Egypt to trade with India for Black pepper?

“The ship is anchor‟d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done” –
The figure of speech used by Walt Whitman in these lines is _________.

In Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Selfish Giant’ the giant saw something marvellous in his garden. He saw

“It is the efficiency rather than the inefficiency of human memory”
What is the efficiency rather than inefficiency?

Match the following homophones given in Column A with their related meanings in Column B and select the correct answer from the codes given below:
Homophones Meaning
a) statutory statues collectively
b) stationary Authorized by law.
c) stationery Not moving
d) statuary writing materials.

Who is considered as a seminal figure in history of English poet?

Choose the correct pair:
The play and its author.

Match the words in Column A with relevant meanings in Column B
Column A Column B
(a) Stooping 1. Expressing pain or regret
(b) Drooping 2. Bending forward
(c) Droning 3. Closing due to tiredness
(d) Moaning 4. Making a continuous low sound

Identify the complex sentence:

Which vegetable is known as Okra?

Choose the incorrect option.
The court scene in “The Merchant of Venice” is about __________

Amrita Devi’s act of sacrifice paved way for

Anomalous finites is the term used for the ------------- auxiliaries.

“If he could secure the goodwill of his hostess he might count on her nominating him as an assured thing” Who is the hostess of the luncheon party?

Give the suitable order of articles in the blanks of the given passage choose the correct code given below__________ year 2002 was declared “ __________ year of books” by ________ National Book Trust of India with this note the Nation‟s Capital played host to _______ World Book fair

Who is the writer of the short story, “That Sunday morning”?

Read the lines and selected the correct answer from the options given below.
“How often I think of going
There, to peer through ….”
Where does kamala surayya think of going?

A young person who is regularly involved in wrong doing.
Substitute the above sentence with the single word

Betty, you and I are to fill all the bowls, tubes, pail and pitcher.
In the above sentence I refer to

”All of my fellow brothers laugh at me whenever Mahesh pulls me out of his bag”
Identify the speaker/character

Find out the set of antonyms for the underlined words His reputation increased proportionately.
Desirable entirely
Fame, completely
Notorious, entirely
Lost fame, wholly
Name, solely

In the poem “Once upon a time” the speaker addresses

Who is a Peter?

Dr. Karl Paulnack assures that failure of peace for humankind lies in the hands of

In the short story “Tight Corners” the author decided to confess his poverty to

_____ is the words or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different words or phrase.

_______ is a shortened form of a word or groups of words.

What did the “Last man in” in the story “Our Local Team” do and what was the umpire‟s reaction?

The plural form of ‘alumna’ is

The last weapon used by cunning spider to attract the fly is

Form a new word by blending the words.
news + broadcast

In the short story, “With the photographer” the photographer asked Leacock to collect his picture on

Choose the appropriate passive voice for the following sentence: Little Strokes fell great Oaks.

Time taken for preparing Johnny-cake is

They sniffed the circle that was rich with the smell of the animal Who sniffed the circle?

Choose the correct word to complete the following sentences.
We are not completely sure but Kishor _________ come back tomorrow.

Choose the option with the right meaning of the idiom given below:
In the pink of one‟s health

Find out the part containing an Error:
Mumps are a serious illness that affects people.

What is the name of black and white pet dog of Ambazhathel?

“It has to take into account the commonness but to trim and train, guide and lead him…”
The above quote is taken from the speech of

Walt Whitman started his career as an office boy in a law office in Brooklyn at the age of …….

Fill in the blank with the suitable gerund:
I love ---------------- in this lake.

In Julius Caesar, Antony says,
“The noble Brutus
Hath told you Caesar was ambitious‟,
If it were so, it was a grievous fault”,
What is referred to a „grievous fault‟ here?

As per the author Sir C.V. Raman which is the foundation for all the agriculture

Which of the following literary works exhibits the theme of optimism?

According to the poet of the poem ‘Everest is not the Only Peak’ __________ is considered as stronghold

Identify the poetic line that differs in figure of speech from the other poetic lines:

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