TNPSC Group 4 VAO General English Free Model Test - 001

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TNPSC Group 4 VAO General English Free Model Test -  001

TNPSC Group 4 VAO General English Free Model Test - 001

Which one among the following poems speaks about ‘True Love’?

“He thought it was the only place on earth.” In the above sentence from the short story “After twenty years” – ‘it’ refers to which place on earth

Select the correct answer for the question from the options given below: Looking quickly over a section of the text to get a general idea of the meaning is referred to -----------

I ______ the car until Mrs. Andy ________.

What was the Theme behind Ruskin Bond’s short story ,”When the Trees Walked” is

Select the correct question tag: Your son is married last week ,--------------- ?

Match the synonyms with their meanings
(a) Coarse 1. Push Roughly in a crowd
(b) Invidious 2. Unjust
(c) Exodus 3. Rough
(d) Jostle 4. Mass movement from one place

Which of the following is the title of a poem written by Berton Braley?

Identify the sentence which is not of the same pattern as the others:

Who is the author of the short story “Think to Win”?

The constant twitter of budgerigars. The word Budgerigars means ____.

According to the Robert Lynd, what kinds of person who have exceptional memory powers?

Which of the following lines found in the poem “A Psalm of Life” by H.W. Longfellow?

What is “Possessive Adjectives”?

Mississippi river is at _____.

What is the Nick name of William Shakespeare ?

Match the following italicized words of the sentences given in Column A with their parts of speech in Column B and select the correct answer from the codes given below:
Column A Column B
a) They have a plan - adjective
b) I live here - noun
c) She walks fast - Verb
d)I have a gift wrapper - adverb

That is how Gandhi became a leader par excellence: that made Churchill the greatest and the most successful war time leader. Choose a word from the passage that means “by way of special eminence”.

Betrays me back, till the heart of me weeps to belong To the old Sunday evenings at home, Who does the word ‘me’ refer to?

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway connects

“The bleeding bark will heal.” Find the figure of speech observed in the above line?

In Oscar wilde‟s “The Model Millionaire ,what did Hughie do in Alan Trevor‟s absence?

Which one of the following has the correct gerund form?

Which one of the following played an Important role in Indian Metaphor Trade?

Who is the mother of the little girl Dorothea?

Match the lines under Column A with the poets under Column B
Column A Column B
(a) For learning how to rule the air - 1. Lewis Carroll
(b) Athwart Time’s dark resistless stream - 2. Stephen Vincent Benet
(c) If you can’t be a sun, be a star - 3. Walt Whitman
(d) But I, with mournful tread - 4. Douglas Malloch

Which of the following sentences are in active voice?
I.They sing songs in the School Annual Day Fest.
II.A notice was sent by the Water supply Management.
III.You gave him your pen.
iv.He has built a house in his native place.

Which among the following is an example for onomatopoeic words?

According to Kris Srikkanth, what plays an important role in choosing the type of career?

Lilliputians hailed Gulliver as a hero because he_______

The period of William Wordsworth is

The “Girl Star” – Anitha Kushwaha lives in a village in the district of --------------

They squeezed past irritated people who moved their legs this way and that to make space. The seats of the chairs had to be pulled down. She climbed on. She wasn‟t heavy enough. So the chair folded her into itself like sandwich stuffing and she watched from between he knees. Find out the irrelevant word for the phrase used in the passage

In Frederic Ogden Nash’s poem, it always have ______.

Choose the option containing the author of the following line: ”Where words come out from the depths of truth‟

Who is the author of the short story, “Little cyclone”.

Choose the correct synonym for the italicized word: I am a convict

Choose the correct plural form of the following compound word. ‘grown-up’

Which place is described in the Ahtushi Deshpande‟s travelogue “To the land of snow”?

Grandmother of Khushwant Singh used to throw Chapattis to

Gruff as a bear. Find the meaning of the above idiom.

The Poem, “The Crocodile” by Lewis Carroll appears in which of the following book

The soldiers had to pass______ a dark tunnel. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition.

“Witty and you’re wise” Find the figure of speech.

Fill in the blanks: .................. play football?

What is the title of H.W Longfellow‟s volume of poems which included “A Psalm of Life”?

Which of the following sentences has correct use of articles?

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested;” – Identify the author

Who is known as “The Poet of the people”?

Who has uttered these words? “Friends Romans, countrymen Lend me your ears”.

In the story ‘After Twenty Years”, The impressiveness was habitual and not for show” Whose impressiveness is habitual?

But the true elixir lies near our hand”. Who said this?

David Herbert Lawrence occupies a unique position among the leading __________ of England.

The child looks very sick and___________. I need a ___________ of water to wash these cups. Fill in the blanks with suitable homophones

Fill in the blank with. the suitable verb form :· I —— (surf) the net when the explosion occurred.

The land was parched and there wasn’t a bush or tree in sight Parched means?

the poem “Confessions of a Born Spectator”, the following line says:
I’m glad that when my struggle begins ‘Twixt prudence and ego,” Who won in the struggle?

Match the following:
a) Engine - 1. Some
b) Moderate - 2. Or
c) Hand - 3. er
d) Half - 4. Em
- 5. way

Whose autobiography is this? One Life is Not Enough

Fill in the blank The whole village celebrates _____ there is a thiruvizha.

The author of the story “The portrait of a lady” had a good friendship

Change the following verb into noun. Admit

The poet khabil Gibran was born in ____________ Fill in the blanks by choosing the right options given below.

Who suggested to chant aksharaslokams to forget the fear of storm?

In the poem “ A Poison Tree” the line says ,
“ Till it bore an bright apple Here the an apple is

Identify the incorrect statement

Fill in the blank with the correct option Gandhi married in………..

The cat ran behind. The above question is the example of

People of Tom Sawyer’s village thought that Tom Sawyer and his friends were

Identify the odd word among the options.

In the short story of Saki, “A shot in the dark” who made a wrong guess about Bertie?

Pick out the sentence with SVIODO pattern:

Find out the wrong pair

Pick out the sentence which is grammatically correct and meaningful:

The site of our college building is very beautiful.

Fill in the blank from the options given below: ZIP codes are a system of postal code used by ______ postal service.

Choose the correct word to complete the following sentences I _________________ rather request you to check my exercise before giving it to the teacher.

” The darkest evening of the year” Find the season mentioned in the above line

Identify the degree and choose the correct answer: Very few batsmen in the world are so powerful as Tendulkar.

How the court mentioned in the short story ‘Brought to book’ different from other courts?

In the portrait the author’s grandfather looked at least

Comprehension: The Greek word for wisdom is „Sophia‟, and „philos‟ means a friend. So „philosopher‟ means a friend of wisdom and this is the best possible description of Socrates who was one of the wisest and bravest teachers the world has ever known. In Greek „Sophia‟ means

Rahul has decided to submit his books in the library by tomorrow In the above sentence find the adverb.

Whose role in the growth of children’s literature was recognized by Indian Council for Child Education?

Through primrose tufts ,in that sweet bower,” In the above sentence primrose is the wild plant that gives

“Though I gave premium to rationalism then, I had difficulty thinking of YaanaiMalai as a non-living, huge chunk of stone”. Choose the right idea conveyed by the statement mentioned above.

Read the lines and choose the answer to fill the blank from the options given below: “O! ye wheels Stop be silent to-day” The children want the whole to stop because _______________

Tamilnadu consist of 5,000 species of flora which contributes ..................of total flora of India

”When we add fractions ½ and ¼ .......” Identify the character who belongs the short story, “The fun

The compound word Weighing machine is of the form:

Choose from the following the two short stories written by Oscar Wilde
a. The Selfish Giant.
b. A Man who had no eyes.
c. The Happy Prince.
d. The Wooden Bowl.

If one should come too close to earth The atmosphere will shake.” Who closeness causes the shake in earth?

Find out the error:

Yesterday the horse ran fastly.

A mirror of his changing moods Now sure, now steeped in thought. Who does the word “his” refer to?

Match the British English words with their American equivalents: British English American English
a) Jam 1. Fall
b) Nappy 2. Antenna
c) Aerial 3. Jelly
d) Autumn 4. Diaper

Lakshmibai is the most famous Indian woman to have defied the British

The British farthing coin is

Who is a villainous personality in the play ‘Othello’?

Match the characters in Column A with their association in Column B as seen in Julius Caesar and select the correct code given below
:Column A Coulmn B
a) Calphurnia 1. Eloquence of speech.
b) Decius Brutus 2. Casear‟s wife.
c) Marcus Brutus 3. One of the conspirators.
d) Mark Antony 4. Beloved friend.

Choose the option containing the correct sequence of words suiting the given passage : The benefit of —— is not only —— our body but also —— us happy in —— our health always.
1. to keep 2. to develop
3. exercising 4. maintaining

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