What is Tor Browser?

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What is Tor Browser

What is Tor Browser?

Tor browser is the most popular and effective way to access the Dark web. basically, Tor Browsers is a normal browser. But, this browser totally hides all user information in the online World. So, Nobody can find him who is accessing Dark pages.

this browser totally hides Your Location in the online World. Yes, this tor browser can not access any webpage. this browser redirects to multiple Country servers after going to your Destination Page. So, Nobody finds your device location.

Tor Browser - How it's Work?

The concept of the Tor browser is very different because you must have seen that there are many layers in the onion, the Tor browser works in the same concept, Layers of Onion, Tor Browser also has many layers of IPs. It helps to hide your identity.

When a user opens someone's website with the help of the Tor browser, Tor hides his real identity, which is why the administrator of that website does not know the real identity. Because his IP is constantly changing.

For example, the first IP there is closed by the second IP, the second IP becomes the third IP, the third IP becomes the fourth, the fifth to the fourth becomes a chain of identical IPs, and from this, the administrator can not know. User location.

Example - For example, if the first IP points to the United States and the second to any other country, it becomes a chain of multiple IP addresses in the same way.

This confuses the system and keeps the user's IP secure, making it very difficult to track the user. Overall, by using the Tor browser you can protect your original IP and yourself from being overseen.

Tor Browser - Which kind of people use this?

Tor Browser users especially BlackHat hackers, Greyhat hackers, and WhiteHat hackers and techies who want to keep their identity anonymous. 

You may know your website's ID, ie Internet Protocol.

It lets you know your identity, what you do on the Internet, your location, who your service provider is, and more. Just like having an ID card for your identity, there is an IP that tells you your identity on the Internet, but the Tor browser starts working to help hide your true identity. 

Door replaces your real IP with another IP and another with another IP.

Features of Tor browser

  • Hide your personal Information
  • Hide your Location
  • Hide your Device IP Address
  • Hide your Country online
  • Access all websites using this browser ( Include blocked Website)
  • Highly Secure

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The dark web is dangerous online. So, please use it carefully on the Dark web.

Final Words

The dark web is the most dangerous online world. this is not your normal web search like google. this is completely various from a normal browser. Because many illegal activities go on this dark web. like, weapon sales, online drags, and more illegal activities on this dark web. and do not access below 18 age Children. I do not recommend this for children. So, this is very carefully using this dark web.

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