11+ Simple Quick SEO Hacks to Increase Organic Traffic on Your Website

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Hi dudes, now we are going to look at some of the best and most important SEO Hacks or SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic. So, Let’s Go to the Topic “11+ Simple Quick SEO Hacks to Increase Organic Traffic on Your Website” Whether you put your website on any website like blogger or WordPress your income, the number of visitors and Google search rankings are all determined based on this SEO.

Because this is an important aspect of your website. Only if this is done properly can you get more visitors to your website. So, this is the most important thing to improve your Search Engine Ranking and Visitors. So our Guideflare team has categorized for you the steps to improve the SEO quality of your website in separate sections below. 

This can definitely raise the SEO standard if you follow the SEO way methods properly on your website.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

According to Guideflare.com, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the changes that need to be made to your website to make the information on your website visible to search engines such as Google and Bing. this is doing so makes the web posts on your website more accessible to visitors through search engines.

Importance things about SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Today ‌SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important feature that should be present in all websites. So, this is what many people add to their website posts. Without SEO you will definitely not be able to manage a website. 

To that extent, SEO has become important for websites today. This way you can bring more visitors to a website and earn more revenue through it. 

This is why many people spend a lot of time promoting SEO on their websites. Because they know that there is no point in uploading posts on the website without SEO properly. Many “SEO Companies” have appeared today to improve the SEO of your website. 

They charge between $ 100 and $ 10000 a year for this work. But this is not a big deal and can be done even by a new website owner. We will provides you with guidance on how to make these kinds of SEO improvements on your website.

How SEO Improves Your Organic Traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is basically a website development done to increase the organic audience of your website. But the idea of how it works is likely to come to your mind. Let’s look at it as follows. Search engines like Google and Bing rank web pages with the best content. 

However, sometimes even if your website content is good, it may not be readable by search engines. As a result, your website may go unnoticed by search engines. 

Other than that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about making search engines make your website easier to read. so, Your Website is Easily ranked on Search Engines.

11+ Simple Quick SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

We hope you will gain a little pinch of knowledge on “What is SEO”. Now let’s go to the important part of this web page. That is, now let’s see how to improve the SEO of your website.

1) Search Engine SEO Tips

In this first section, we are going to look at some Search Engine SEOHacks and basic search engine SEO tips you need to do based on your website.

By doing this your website will start ranking in search engines. Because SearchEngine is very important to shows you website links.

Submit your website to the webmasters

If you want your website’s links to rank in Search Engine‌ you must first make your website known to Search engines. 

To do that you need to submit the Sitemap on your website to the webmaster. These webmasters will make your website known to search engines like Google and Bing. Only then can you get organic traffic. If you do not do this your website will be useless. List out of Webmaster:

  • Google Search Console 
  • Bing Webmaster 
  • Yandex Webmaster 
  • Baidu Webmaster (Baidu Webmaster is one of the most popular Webmaster in China)

Create XML Sitemap for website

If you are creating a website, you need to create the appropriate sitemap. This is because you may need to include a sitemap in SEO tools such as many webmasters. This type of sitemap must be in XML format. Also, it makes way for viewing posts on your website. 

The sitemap is a simple page containing all the contents of your website. This allows search engines and bots to easily view the content of your website. So it helps to improve the ranking of your website. You can easily create this. 

Also if you have built your website in WordPress, you will create SML Sitemap for your website using SEO Plugins i.e. SEO Plugins like RankMath, Yost SEO, etc.

Demo sitemap for Blogger 

  • https://websitename.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml 
  • https://websitename.com/sitemap.xml 

Demo Sitemap for WordPress 

  • https://websitename.com/sitemap.xml 

Demo sitemap for subdomain 

  • https://subdomain.websitename.com/sitemap.xml

Create Robot.txt for Your Website

This robot.txt provides links to your website to search engines, crawlers, etc. That is, it makes the links to your website accessible. This will help increase the organic traffic and website ranking of your website.

Demo-robot.txtUser-agent: Mediapartners-GoogleDisallow:User-agent: *Disallow: /searchAllow: /Sitemap: http://pixabin.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?orderby=UPDATED

This is likely to bring some SEO benefits to your website. If you are a WordPress user you do not have to worry about robot.txt. This is because WordPress will automatically add robot.txt.

Use Bing Instant Index Features

Bing Webmaster offers a great feature for website owners. This is called “indexing indexing“. This feature gives you the opportunity to take your website to the top rankings instantly. It allows you to submit up to ten web pages a day. 

So, this “Bing Instant indexing Feature” feature helps to get completely organic traffic. Your website must be submitted to Bing Webmaster if you want to use this feature. 

However, this feature does not provide Google Organic traffic. It only gives Bing organic traffic. You can get your Bing Organic traffic with this instant indexing feature.

Submit your site on Google Analytics

There is no greater SEO benefit to your website than Google Analytics. But with this Google Analytics, you can know the performance of your website and know what to do next on your website. It can also be used in conjunction with your Google Search Console and Google Adsense. 

It will also notify you by email of any new SEO issues that may appear new on your website. So it helps you to know the SEO status of your website and helps you to keep your website SEO stable.

Submit your Site on Google Tag manager

You can integrate all your Snippets with Google tag manager. That means you can use it to put Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, AdWords altogether. And with this, you can integrate all these with your website. 

This thing allows you to manage all your scripts in one place. And this platform is absolutely free for you. So, you can easily increase your SEO using Tag manager.

2) Homepage SEO Tips

In this Second Section, we are seeing some Homepage SEO Hacks and SEO tipsto Increase Organic Traffic. Because the Homepage is the centerpiece of yourwebsite. So you have to design this better. Also, some users will want to seethis page. 

So if you design your homepage better then that user is more likelyto come back to your website. This is because any changes you make to thehomepage of your website will resonate with your entire website. So the SEO ofthe page is very essential.

Create Logo for your Website

The logo is the identity of your website. So you must add this to your website. Because even if visitors forget the name of your website, they will not forget the logo so quickly. So how beautifully designed this logo is. Because it gives your website a unique look.

Create Favicon for your Website

A favicon is a small square image found near the links of your website or webpage. This gives a unique look to your website links. This will allow the favicon to appear with the link when your link appears in search engines. 

This way visitors are more likely to click on the link of your website. So, we need to design this favicon to look beautiful.

Create Mata Description

The meta description on your website is very important for the ranking of your website. This meta description will appear under the link of your homepage in the browser. Only with this meta description can you tell your website visitors about your website. 

So we need to set the meta description exactly like this. It should include the name of your website and short notes about your website.

Add a social widget to the homepage

Your website must have a widget containing social web links on your homepage. This allows pages of your website to appear in browsers under links to your social networking sites. 

It also allows your visitors to follow your website through social media. So be sure to include this on the home page of your website.

Utilize Structured Data Markup

Structured Data Markup is very important for your website. This is also called Schema. Its job is to transform all the posts on your website and the elements in them so that search engines, crawlers, and bots can understand them. 

This helps search engines to easily understand and rank your website. So, when you choose your themes, make sure that the Structured Data Markup feature is present and select and use it. If Structured Data Markup is not in your theme, add it.

3) Image SEO Tips

In this Third Section, we are See some image SEO hacks or SEO tips toIncrease Organic Traffic. The size of the images on your website is determinedby the size of the content on your website. Browsers have a separate section forthese images. 

You can bring organic traffic to your website through this sectionof images. To do this you need to use the images on your website properly.Although some websites do not contain content it is also ranked in the firstplace on Google. To that extent Image SEO- is helpful for ranking your website.

Use your own images on your website

Images are very important for your website. This will give your website a professional look. But you should not get this on any other website. Doing so may cause you to encounter copyright issues. 

To avoid this, it is a good idea to use your own images on your website. There are some SEO benefits to using your own images on your website.

Use Image Alt Attributes on all images

Alt attribution is an excellent SEO feature derived from images. You can enter keywords in the images on your website using the Alt attribution. This will definitely increase the ranking of your website. Search engines and crawlers read this too to rising in the rankings. 

This is often overlooked by no one. But this is an important SEO aspect. A lot of websites get organic traffic using this method. So adding an alt attribution to all the images on your website will promote the organic traffic of your website

Use more than two images in a web post.

Adding two or more images to your website is definitely a way to increase organic traffic on your website. So a user can get a lot of information through pictures. 

Therefore, blog posts created in this way should always be in the top-50 rankings of search engines. Sometimes even likely to come in the top ten rankings. So using more images on your website will definitely increase your organic traffic.

4) Title SEO Tips

In this fourth section, we are See some Title SEO hacks or SEO tips toIncrease Organic Traffic. The title of your posts tells users and search engineswhat the content of your posts is about. 

Therefore, its design is very importantfor your organic traffic. So below we will see how to design this to be SEOeffective.

Use Long title on your Posts

Always use longer headings in your website posts. That means only long readable titles should be used. This will also help visitors read about your webpage by title. So always consider using longer headings on your website.

Use positive or negative words on title

Use words that have any positive or negative connotations in the title of your post. By using these Positive or Negative words on your website you are more likely to have your webpage clicked by search engines. 

This is because when these types of words are used in titles, it is mentally satisfying to the viewer and prompts them to click on the title. So be sure to use the words Positive or Negative in the titles of your website.

Use Power Words on title

These Power words give your posts a confident look. When the audience reads the titles with these power words, they “create the illusion that the work they were thinking of will be completed”. So by adding this to your titles you are more likely to have your website browser clicked. So, definitely use this in your website titles. 

These Power words give a confident look to your posts. When the audience reads the titles with these power words, they “create the illusion that the work they were thinking of will be completed”. So by adding this to your titles you are more likely to have your website browser clicked. So, definitely use this in your website titles.

Use any Numbers on your title

You must use any number in your website title. This may be the year your post was created or part of your post or it may indicate how many types of your post is divided into. Overall your website title should be a number finder. 

Thus you have the opportunity to become your website ranking even depending on the specific numbers.

5) Post SEO Tips

n this fifth section, we are See some Post SEO hacks or SEO tips toIncrease Organic Traffic.

Create Unique and long Content

All the posts you create on your website should be self-created by you. That means that post must be unique. Unique post only great for great rankings. So you create posts yourself without taking posts from any website. this is one of the best SEO tips to Increase Organic traffic.

Create Post title and description with Focus Keyword

The title of the posts and post description you use on your website must be the focus keyword of that post. Only then will your posts soon receive more visitors. This is the best way to increase your organic traffic.

Create Backlinks for your Website

Talk to other website owners about your website and put your website as a backlink on their website. In doing so they rank your website and rank your website on the same page.

Use the table of contents on your website

The table of contents is used to divide the posts on your website into sections based on their titles. It brings the best user experience. So this gives an opportunity to get the rankings of the websites in these.

Create content with the keyword in mind

The focus should be on the Keywords in the post you are creating. Only then will your website rank in that keyword.

Add Related Posts on Middle Of the Content

Arrange the pages associated with that page in the middle of your blog post page so that it appears in the middle. Thus an integrated traveler has the opportunity to see all the pages of your website and the pages associated with that page.

Create internal and external links to your website.

Your website must have internal and external links. This will give users information about your website and some information from other websites for your website. This is the best SEO feature.

6) Security SEO Tips

In this sixth section, we are See some Security SEO hacks or SEO tips toIncrease Organic Traffic. The security of your website is very important for theSEO of the website. 

Hackers are more likely to hack your website if you do notkeep your website secure. This can cause you to lose the SEO and audience ofyour website. So let’s see how to keep your website safe.

Use SSL Certificate On Your Website

SSL is a tool that encrypts and protects users’ information. This is a must-have security feature for your website. It is located right next to the URL of your website. Its appearance is in the form of a locked lock. This gives your website a safer look. 

Thus making the user feel safe. So, you should definitely use this on your website. If not, the lock that appears on that website is unlocked, which means that your site’s visitor information is not secure. Also, many browsers give a security alert when going into these types of websites. This may cause the user to leave your website.

Discourage bad backlinks

Use backlinks correctly when using your website. You need to create backlinks to your website for unwanted content, unreliable websites, pages with 18+ content. Doing so will definitely digitize the SEO of your website.

Submit your Site any Web Security Platfroms

There are several web security agencies out there to keep your website safe. That means there are many web security companies like Cloudflare, sitelock. Submitting your website to this will increase the security of your website.

Submit your website on DMCA

DMCA is a web content security company that protects the color of the records on your website for anyone to use. This way if someone steals and uses the record you created from your website you can delete the post they created by stealing. You can also delete that post from Google.

Use DDOS Production on Your Website

DDOS helps keep your website’s servers secure. This makes your servers less likely to be hacked. If someone hacks your website without using it you will lose your website visitors until you laugh at it.

Use trusted themes and plugins

Make sure you download and use themes and plugins that you use on your website from trusted websites. If you download and use themes and plugins from some unreliable websites you may encounter some issues. 

That means they are likely to add some malicious viruses to the theme and plugins. Therefore, you should only use trustworthy themes and blogs on your website.

7) Keyword SEO Tips

In this seventh section, we are See some Keyword SEO hacks or SEO tips toIncrease Organic Traffic. Keywords are very important for the ranking of yourwebsite. The SEO of your website depends on these keywords.

Use Long Keywords on your Post

When using keywords in your website posts, use long readable keywords instead of short keywords. 

For example, suppose you create a post on your website about “how to increase the website audience”. Do not use short keywords such as “SEO”, “INCREASE VISITORS”, “HIGH VIEWS” for that post. Instead, use readable keywords such as “how to increase your website traffic”. 

This is because visitors will not use short words when searching in the browser. So it is best to use long keywords in your website post.

Use medium or Low Competitive Keywords

Carefully select and use keywords for your website. When choosing keywords for the first few months, carefully select and use keywords that are competitive and not overly competitive. 

This is because your website is more likely to lose rankings if you use more competitive keywords early on. Using less competitive keywords may result in a loss of views even if the rankings are available. 

So you use competitive keywords on your website. This is a good start to the SEO of your website.

Use any one Keyword on your Post

Create your own blog using only one keyword. Only then will your posts have a chance to rank quickly. If not here’s a new product just for you! So avoid using too many keywords unnecessarily on your website. 

Also, if you create posts using multiple keywords, your post may not convey the correct message. So, you should only use one keyword in your website posts.

8) Performance SEO Tips

In this eighth section, we are See some Link SEO hacks or SEO tips toIncrease Organic Traffic.‌ Your website’s ranking is determined by theperformance of your website. 

Because the loading speed of your website gives thebest user experience. Thus your website is more likely to rank browsers.

Use CDN on your Website

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network which helps you to load your website at a consistent speed across all countries. This means that the server you use for your website is in the United States. Then your website will work much faster in the United States. 

But in countries like India, its speed is much slower. This is because the server of your website is far away from India. So, it is high time to contact your website server from India. 

CDN is used to solve this problem. This will allow your website files to be stored on servers in all countries. This will speed up your website in all countries.

Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on your website

By using AMP (Accelerated mobile page) you can definitely increase the speed of your website SEO and speed of your website. It’s great for your website’s SEO because it automatically removes unwanted scripts from your website and runs your webpage using only what is needed.

Optimize your website Images

Images are very important for the SEO of your website. But, it must be used properly. Optimizing all the images on your website can increase the loading speed of your website. 

You can not control the size of your website if you use images on your website without optimizing them. This will reduce the loading speed of your website. 

So you can use new image formats like Webp without compressing the images in your website. Doing this will help you control the size of your website and increase loading speed.

Optimize Your Website Scripts

It is very important that you control the size of all the scripts on your website. This will greatly reduce the speed of your website. So, you need to use all the scripts on your website properly. 

By doing this you can increase the loading speed of your website. For this reason, you can increase the organic traffic of your website.

9) Link SEO Tips

In this Ninth section, we are See some Link SEO hacks or SEO tips toIncrease Organic Traffic. Most people do not know that these links are helpfulfor website SEO. Often no one will even notice this. 

The link to a good web pageshould be within 50-80 words. So you should definitely consider this for thebenefit of your website SEO.

Create Readable website URL

The links to the posts on your website should be readable. This is because when the user searches in the search engine they will search for it as a readable word. The search engine then starts searching for web pages related to the words the user is looking for. 

So even if you are the most read word on the website, if the link is not correct, the search engine is more likely to not show your web page. You may not read and click on the link at the top of some topic rather than a job like that. So make your website page animal readable.

Create Post URL with the focus keyword

Be sure to use the Focus Keywords you use on your webpage in the links on your website. This is because Google rankings are based on you focusing on these keywords. 

If you create your blog using Focus Keywords and do not include those Focus Keywords in the link to that page then your web page may not rank in the Focus Keywords of your choice in Search Engine. Therefore, you must use Focus Keywords in your webpage link.

10) Script SEO Tips

In this Tenth section, we are See some Script SEO hacks or SEO tips toIncrease Organic Traffic. The SEO of your website depends on the HTML,Javascript, and CSS scripts used on the website. Let’s see below what they are.

Minify Your Website Java Script Files and CSS

You must be using Javascript and CSS Script to design your website. There is also a need to use this in weblogs as well. But keep in mind that these Javascript and CSS scripts will slow down your website. It also has the potential to rank and traffic your website. 

That is, if your website slows down, search engines like Google will start pushing your website back out of the rankings. Also, many users will go out if your website is not fast. 

So, if you minimize the Javascript and CSS scripts you use on your website, the speed of the website will only decrease a little bit. This will not bring any version of SEO to your website.

Remove Unwanted Script on your Website

HTML, Javascript, and CSS scripts are very important to design your website as per the title above. But some of them your website will not use for a lifetime. 

Many more HTML, Javascript, and CSS scripts are found to be inactive. So many unused and inactive HTML, Javascript, and CSS scripts will unnecessarily slow down your website so you need to find and remove them. 

Thus increasing the speed of your website has a high chance of SEO and Google ranking of your website.

11) Social Media SEO Tips

In this Eleventh section, we are See some Social media SEO hacks or SEOTips for your website. Giving links to your web pages on social networking sitesis the best way to increase the number of visitors to your website. 

But, justkeep in mind that if you still want to buy Adsense approval on your website itis better to skip this step. Because Adsense will only expect organic trafficfrom your website. So, in this case, if you share your website links on socialwebsites there is a chance that your website will not get Adsense approval.

If you want you can use this method on your website after Adsense approval. Therewill be no problem in using this after Adsense approval.

Share website links on social media

You need to share your website links on social networking sites like the Facebook page, Twitter, Whatsapp groups, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn. This is likely to increase the number of visitors to your website. You must do this. If you do this we think your website is likely to be remembered by visitors.

Create Youtube Channel for your Website

YouTube is Google Inc.’s popular video-sharing site. So, your website will need a youtube channel. Create a video related to your website content and upload it as a video on YouTube. Share your web links with your youtube video description. 

So, visitors will come to your website via YouTube videos. This way visitors will remember your website. So, they have the opportunity to search your website through a search engine.

Create a Telegram channel for your Website

Telegram is a popular link-sharing site. Its work is cloud computing technology. Telegram looks like WhatsApp. But Telegram offers some additional features to enhance the user experience. You can also create a channel like YouTube on Telegram. 

However, you can share videos, chats, links, and more information on your Telegram channel. So, it totally helps to share your website content with the audience. Telegram also offers a subscription feature to your Telegram channel viewers. 

So, if they subscribe to the Telegram channel, your website can receive new posts directly through Telegram.

Submit your Website On Google News

Google News is the most popular News Publishing platform powered by Google Inc. So, you can increase the number of your visitors by adding your website to Google News. Google News just adds your website once and it automatically displays your website’s new posts in Google Chrome. 

Not only that but by users following your website in Google News your new posts will go us Notification in the user’s tool. This will increase the number of views of your website.

Additional SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic (Optional)

In this Additional section, we are seeing some Extra Seo Tricks toincrease organic traffic or Seo Tips to increase organic traffic on yourwebsite. These additional website SEO Hacks will further promote the SEO of yourwebsite. You do not need to follow certain instructions in this section. 

This is because even if you follow some of the steps in it, there will be no version ofSEO for your website. This is provided for your additional SEO benefit.

Create Guest Post Option on your Website

Add the Guest post feature to your website. Guest post means that visitors to your website can submit their article directly to you through this feature if they want to add any post to your website. You can check it out and then upload it to your website. 

This way you can upload posts to your website without spending time. This feature is also used by many leading websites such as Wikipedia. To add this feature to your website too.

Create HTML Sitemap page on Your Website

You have already created the XML sitemap on your website. But it does not apply to your website. This will only help SEO outside of the website. You need to convert it to HTML Sitemap so that you can use it on your website as well. 

This will create a sitemap page inside your website. Through this HTML Sitemap page, the user can see all the pages in your website by your website visitor.

Use Free SEO Tools

You need SEO tools like Keywords searcher, Backlink checker to improve the SEO of your website. So, you can take advantage of some SEO tools. This is because you can not select keyword research on your own. It will definitely require SEO tools. 

Fortunately, there are some free SEO tools. But they act a bit sluggish. If you have the money you can pay and get SEO tools. These types of SEO tools work best. Because, if you are a new blogger it is better to use free tools for some time and understand how it works. 

Once you have a good understanding you can buy and use SEO tools by paying later.

List out of the Free SEO Tools 

  • Google trends 
  • Wordstream

List out of the Paid SEO Tools 

  •  Ahrefs 
  • Semrush

Insert Video Elements on your Website

It is not enough if you just add pictures to your website. You also need to add some videos to your website. This is an important SEO feature. That is, by adding videos to your website your audience will attack more time on your website by watching those videos. 

This will definitely increase the bounce rate of your website. This gives Google the opportunity to put your website at the forefront of Google rankings. So you should definitely include a video on your website pages.

Make Sure Your Website Design is Responsive

Your website should always be compatible with all devices. If not, users will not like your website. Therefore, you need to design your website to fit all devices. If not your audience may be digitized. And thus you may face SEO issues on your website. So always keep your website as a Response.

Use Premium Themes

You may be using themes for free on your website. But these free themes come with some minimal features. No matter what you do, you can’t change this. You can only get approval in Adsense by using these free themes. But it can’t get much of an audience. 

Also, the owners of these free themes will encrypt the link of their website as an appendix to their theme, which you cannot delete. So, if you use premium themes on your website, you can easily make SEO changes of your choice. 

These themes will load quickly. You can add extra features to these premium themes. It can also increase your website visitors.

Create Clean 404 Error Page

404 Error Page A normal page on your website. Do not add anything to this page other than the home page link. Because this is an error page. This means that when the user clicks on the wrong links on your website, it will be redirected to this error page. 

So, you should not add anything like ads, posts. This page should always be a Clean Look.

Final Words

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