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Hello friends! Welcome to another blogger blog tutorial, in this tutorial we will see how to create a sitemap page for blogger blog in a very simple way. 

It is unfortunate that there are no widgets and facilities for Blogger sitemap compared to WordPress which has a plugin called “Yoast SEO” which automatically creates and updates website sitemap. 

But, this is not a very big problem. You can also create a sitemap in Blogger. But coding knowledge is very necessary for that. But most of the new bloggers don't have coding knowledge.

What is HTML Sitemap?

An HTML sitemap is a webpage on a website that provides an organized, hierarchical list of links to all the pages or content on that site. Unlike an XML sitemap, which is primarily designed for search engines to understand the structure of a website, an HTML sitemap is created for human users.

The HTML sitemap serves as a navigation aid, helping visitors quickly find the information they're looking for. It typically includes links to important pages, categories, or sections of a website, making it easier for users to explore the site's content.

By using an HTML sitemap, the visitor can easily navigate the entire site. An HTML sitemap is the creation of a single page on your website that contains links to all the category pages. 

If a visitor is having trouble finding the desired post or section on your website, you can use an HTML sitemap to help the visitor reach the desired page.

With a good HTML sitemap, the crawler can also reach orphaned pages. Many people prefer to have a link to the HTML sitemap in the footer.

Benefits of Sitemaps

Improved Crawling and Indexing:

Sitemaps act as a roadmap for search engine bots, guiding them through the intricate structure of your website. This is particularly advantageous for extensive websites with multiple layers, ensuring that all pages are discovered and indexed.

Enhanced SEO Performance

Beyond mere discovery, sitemaps positively influence your website's SEO performance. By presenting a well-organized structure to search engines, they facilitate a more accurate understanding of your content hierarchy, potentially leading to improved rankings.

Quick Page Updates

Sitemaps allow webmasters to communicate changes promptly. When new content is added or existing pages are updated, notifying search engines through the sitemap expedites the indexing process, ensuring that your audience sees the latest information.

User Experience

Sitemaps contribute to a positive user experience by offering a clear and organized navigation tool. Visitors can get a bird's eye view of your site's architecture, making it easier for them to find specific information or explore various sections of your website.

Error Identification

Sitemaps serve as diagnostic tools, revealing crawl errors such as broken links or inaccessible pages. Identifying and rectifying these issues promptly helps maintain a healthy website and ensures a smooth user experience.

Pros of Sitemaps

Easy Implementation

Implementing sitemaps is user-friendly, especially with the support of various content management systems that offer plugins or tools for automatic sitemap generation. This ease of implementation makes it accessible to a wide range of website owners.

Comprehensive Coverage

Sitemaps go beyond traditional web pages; they can include various types of content such as images, videos, and even metadata. This comprehensive coverage ensures that all relevant aspects of your site are considered for indexing by search engines.

Protocol Standardization

Sitemaps adhere to standardized protocols, such as XML sitemaps, ensuring compatibility with major search engines like Google, Bing, and others. This standardization streamlines the indexing process, making it more efficient and reliable.

Enhanced Mobile Experience

With the increasing importance of mobile optimization, sitemaps play a crucial role in ensuring that search engines can efficiently crawl and index mobile-friendly content, contributing to a seamless mobile user experience.

Cons of Sitemaps

Dependency on Search Engines:

While sitemaps significantly aid search engine visibility, they do not guarantee higher rankings on their own. Successful SEO still depends on various factors, including high-quality content, backlinks, and user engagement.

Maintenance Overhead

For large and dynamic websites, maintaining an up-to-date sitemap may require frequent updates. This can be time-consuming, and some webmasters may find it challenging to keep pace with the continuous evolution of their site's content.

Not a Fix-All Solution:

Sitemaps are a valuable component of SEO, but they are not a panacea. Relying solely on sitemaps without addressing other crucial SEO aspects may limit the overall effectiveness of your optimization efforts.

Potential for Misuse:

Some individuals may attempt to misuse sitemaps to manipulate search engine rankings, engaging in unethical practices that could lead to penalties if detected. It's essential to adhere to search engine guidelines to avoid such pitfalls.

How To Create HTML Sitemap Page on Blogger

  1. Open your Blogger Dashboard and Click the page Section
  2. After Creating the New Page and Covert to HTML View
  3. Now Paste the below script on your sitemap page.
  4. Now your sitemap page is ready to Use.

Demo Sitemap Link
  <!--[ Sitemap script DTE, source: ]-->
  <script src=';load=true&amp;ad=true&amp;date=%25M~%25%20%25D%25%2C%20%25Y%25' defer='defer'></script>
 <style>  .tabbed-toc{border:0;font-size:15px}  .tabbed-toc-tabs{width:10em;font-size:14px}  .tabbed-toc-tab{padding:0 15px;border-radius:3px 0 0 3px;position:relative;transition:var(--trans-1);color:inherit}  
 .tabbed-toc-tab::after{content:'';position:absolute;top:0;bottom:0;right:0;border-right:1px solid var(--linkC);opacity:0}  .tabbed-toc-tab:hover,{background:var(--transB)}  .tabbed-toc-tab:hover::after,{opacity:1}{color:var(--linkC);opacity:.7}  .ltr .tabbed-toc-panels{border-color:var(--contentL)}  .ltr .tabbed-toc-time{position:relative;font-size:12px;opacity:.7}  .tabbed-toc li{padding:5px 7.5px;line-height:1.6em;min-height:40px;display:flex;align-items:center;justify-content:space-between}  .tabbed-toc li >*{padding:0 7.5px; margin:0}  .tabbed-toc a{color:inherit}  
 .tabbed-toc-title{font-size:16px}  .tabbed-toc-title sup{font-weight:400;font-size:12px;color:var(--linkC)}  .drkM .ltr .tabbed-toc-panels{border-color:rgba(255,255,255,.1)}  
 .drkM, .drkM .tabbed-toc-title sup{color:var(--darkL)}  .drkM .tabbed-toc-tab::after{border-color:var(--darkL)}  @media screen and (max-width:750px){    
 .tabbed-toc nav{display:flex;overflow-x:scroll;overflow-y:hidden;scroll-behavior:smooth;scroll-snap-type:x mandatory; -ms-overflow-style:none;-webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch; /*position:relative;width:calc(100% + 40px);left:-20px;right:-20px;padding:0 20px*/}    
 .tabbed-toc nav::-webkit-scrollbar{width:0;height:0}    .tabbed-toc nav::-webkit-scrollbar-track{background:transparent} 
 .tabbed-toc nav::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb{background:transparent;border:none}    
 .tabbed-toc-tab{border-radius:3px 3px 0 0;white-space:nowrap;flex-shrink:0;scroll-snap-align:start}    
 .tabbed-toc-tab::after{top:auto;left:0;border-right:0;border-bottom:1px solid var(--linkC)}    
 .tabbed-toc ol{margin-top:15px;padding:0 15px;list-style:decimal}    
 .tabbed-toc li{display:list-item;padding:5px 0;overflow:visible;list-style:inherit}    
 .drkM .tabbed-toc-tab::after{border-color:var(--darkL)}  }
 @media screen and (max-width:500px){ .tabbed-toc-title{font-size:15px} }</style> 

Video Tutorial

Final words

In summary, HTML sitemaps play a crucial role in enhancing both user experience and search engine optimization by providing a user-friendly navigation tool and improving the accessibility and indexability of a website.

We hope this sitemap script is very helpful to you. if you like this article. please make subscribe our Youtube Channel. Thank you for reading...

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